Helping Your Parents Move Into An Assisted Living Community

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Helping Your Parents Move Into An Assisted Living Community

Hello, my name is Douglas McCleary. Welcome to my website. I am here to talk to you about helping your parents get settled in an assisted living community. As my parents reached an advanced age, they were unable to safely navigate their home and care for themselves. Since they wanted to retain their independence, we compromised by selecting a full-service assisted living community. The move was difficult for them, so I had to come up with ways to help them cope. On this site, I will share these methods with you so that you can help your parents when it comes time to make this move. Thanks.




Find An Assisted Living Facility That Will Be Easy For Your Dad To Transition Into

Your dad loves his pet poodle, relishes in the opportunity to watch sporting events on television, and appreciates his privacy. There is only one problem with this situation. Your dad has rheumatoid arthritis, which is making it difficult for him to maintain his independence in the home that he raised you in. If you and he have decided that a senior assisted living service is best, seek a residence that will allow him to maintain his interests.

Find An Assisted Living Facility That Allows Pets

Some assisted living facilities try to sustain a person's previous lifestyle as much as possible. This includes the right to own a pet. Not every residential facility allows pets, so you will need to dig deep in order to find a residence that will be suitable. For instance, if your dad is living in quarters that are separate from the main part of a living facility, then bringing his pet along may not be an issue.

You and your dad will need to discuss his pet's care, however. If your dad is going to need a hand with taking his poodle for walks or bringing his pet to the vet for annual checkups, then try to come up with a game plan that involves helping him look after his pet. Your father may need to pay an additional security fee if he wants to move his pet in with him, so be wary of this prior to signing a residency agreement. 

Inquire About Cable Services And Purchase A New TV

If residents are allowed to set up their living quarters as they wish, then there is no reason why your dad should miss the big game or be deprived of keeping up with his favorite sports teams because he is lacking cable. Speak to the owner of the living facility about cable options. If the residence is located in the same town that your dad is currently residing in, then transferring his cable subscription can be accomplished with a phone call.

If your father's television is not in the best shape or if he owns a floor model that may not fit well in his new living quarters, then purchase your dad a new television set. The gesture can be thought of as a housewarming gift and will welcome your dad to his new living space.

Help Your Dad Maintain His Privacy

There will be times that your dad may need a helping hand from one of the staff members at the living facility, but your father's privacy should be respected as much as possible. Speak to the director to find out about the schedule that your dad will need to adhere to.

Some residences are flexible and allow the residents to do as they wish. Others may have structured activities and medical appointments added to each resident's schedule. By being aware of what your dad will be facing, you can let him know when he will be on his own and be able to focus solely on what he would like to do.