Helping Your Parents Move Into An Assisted Living Community

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Helping Your Parents Move Into An Assisted Living Community

Hello, my name is Douglas McCleary. Welcome to my website. I am here to talk to you about helping your parents get settled in an assisted living community. As my parents reached an advanced age, they were unable to safely navigate their home and care for themselves. Since they wanted to retain their independence, we compromised by selecting a full-service assisted living community. The move was difficult for them, so I had to come up with ways to help them cope. On this site, I will share these methods with you so that you can help your parents when it comes time to make this move. Thanks.




Find An Assisted Living Facility That Will Be Easy For Your Dad To Transition Into

Your dad loves his pet poodle, relishes in the opportunity to watch sporting events on television, and appreciates his privacy. There is only one problem with this situation. Your dad has rheumatoid arthritis, which is making it difficult for him to maintain his independence in the home that he raised you in. If you and he have decided that a senior assisted living service is best, seek a residence that will allow him to maintain his interests. Read More 

3 Tips For Safely Using A Stair Lift In Your Home

If you have found that you are no longer able to easily climb the stairs in your home, you may have had a stair lift installed so that you can still access the second story of your home. If so, use the following tips to ensure that you stay safe while using your in-home stair lift. 1.  Check the Path for Obstacles  Before you even sit down in the lift's chair, look up the steps to make sure that there is nothing laying on the steps that could interfere with the path. Read More 

Are You A Senior Living With A Serious Illness? Why You Should Move Into A Nursing Home

As a person grows older, it's not uncommon for them to develop certain ailments in their body. Perhaps you have a serious respiratory disorder, have suffered a stroke, or deal with another medical issue that is very severe in nature. Although you might still be functional enough to keep living in your own house, it may be time for you to seek out different living arrangements. Moving into a skilled nursing home could be the better choice. Read More 

Three Reasons Your Elderly Loved One May Require Assisted Living

Do you have an elderly loved one who lives alone? Are you worried about their health and wellbeing? Do you think it's time they move to an assisted living facility? Making this decision can be very difficult, especially if your loved one is determined to be independent for as long as possible. However, there are some good reasons your loved one may require assisted living: They Have Mobility Issues Read More 

What To Bring With You & Leave Behind When You Move Into An Assisted Living Community

If you are planning on moving into an assisted living community shortly, it is helpful to know what you need to bring with you and what you can leave behind, as you work on downsizing your home. With assisted living communities, you are living in your own apartment, cottage, or small home. Leave the Yard Equipment At assisted living communities, the yard is usually very minimal if you have one at all. Read More