Helping Your Parents Move Into An Assisted Living Community

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Helping Your Parents Move Into An Assisted Living Community

Hello, my name is Douglas McCleary. Welcome to my website. I am here to talk to you about helping your parents get settled in an assisted living community. As my parents reached an advanced age, they were unable to safely navigate their home and care for themselves. Since they wanted to retain their independence, we compromised by selecting a full-service assisted living community. The move was difficult for them, so I had to come up with ways to help them cope. On this site, I will share these methods with you so that you can help your parents when it comes time to make this move. Thanks.




Rely On Your Assisted Living Home's Concierge For These Things

If you've ever stayed in a higher-end hotel, you might have relied on the hotel's concierge service for a variety of things. A hotel's concierge is the go-to person for making your stay more comfortable and memorable. What you might not know, however, is that many assisted living homes also have a concierge on staff. If you're planning to move into this type of living environment in the near future, it's a comfort to know that there may be a concierge in your building. While you can rely on the assisted living home's other staff for many other things, the concierge can be your first point of contact. Here are some things to ask the concierge for help with:

Making Your Family's Visit Comfortable

It's always an exciting time when you have family members who will be visiting you in your assisted living home. If you have any wishes about improving their visit, you can start by sharing some requests with the concierge. For example, if you want to reserve a private dining area so that you and your family can enjoy a meal together without being in the facility's main dining room, the concierge can be your first point of contact. Or, if you need an overnight parking pass for a family member who will stay with you for a couple days, check with the concierge.

Helping You With Transportation

As you get settled into the assisted living home, you'll get comfortable with traveling outside the facility. Even if you no longer drive, you can use the home's shuttle or rely on public transportation to get where you need to go. Occasionally, though, you might find yourself needing a ride when the above two options aren't available. In such a scenario, it's best to approach the concierge. He or she may be able to get the shuttle to make a special run for you, or may even arrange for a staff member to take you where you need to go.

Assistance With Special Events

Occasionally, you may have an idea for a special event that can be held in your assisted living home, perhaps for other residents or the families of the residents. Regardless of the specific details of your plan, the facility's concierge will be a valuable ally in helping you get the plan off the ground. For example, perhaps you want to have gift baskets available to auction off to provide financial support for a resident going through a tough time. The concierge will help you however you need it, including contacting a gift basket company, arranging the drop-off of the baskets, and more.

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